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The 2004 UK Malawi DXpedition, 7Q7MM, was on the air between 18 April and 1 May 2004. Activity was on all bands 160 - 10m, on SSB, CW, RTTY and 10m FM, and we made 27,166 QSOs.

Kenwood (UK) generously sponsored the DXpedition providing a TS480HX transceiver.

The operators were Mark G4AXX, Dick GU4CHY, Steve G4EDG, Steve G4JVG and Rich M5RIC.
Operation took place from Red Zebra Lodge on the shore of Lake Malawi, near Salima.

We had two high-power stations, with beam antennas. A third (100W) station was on the air at times of peak propagation.

A german article on the DXpedition, entitled "AFRIKA 2004, Als 7Q7MM QRV von der Red Zebra Lodge in Malawi", appeared in Funk Magazin, April 2005.

The 7Q7MM log has been uploaded to LoTW, October 2007.

Have a DX-Holiday in Malawi!

A Cushcraft A3S and some coax and polypropylene guy rope has been left at Red Zebra Lodge and the staff are keen to make the site available to DXpeditions. The A3S is neatly secured in a ski-bag with it's instructions, and lengths of RG213 and RG58 coax are carefully stored in sealed drums.

If you'd like to contact Red Zebra Lodge please visit http://www.lakemalawi.com, or contact Mark G4AXX at,

Click here for an inventory of the equipment at Red Zebra Lodge.

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