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Inventory of equipment stored at Red Zebra Lodge

Alinco DX70 with hand mic (160 - 6m 100W transceiver)
Alinco EDX-1 160 - 10m 100 W ATU & power meter
MFJ 949E HF ATU / SWR power meter (30 / 300W)
Manson 20A 13.8V supply (conventional with mains transformer)
Telecom 45A 13.8V switched-mode power supply (input voltage range 100-120V and 220-240V)

Cushcraft A3S 10, 15 & 20m 3-element triband yagi
RF choke balun for A3S with approx 25m of RG213
2 element 10m monoband yagi (homebrew driven element & director with balun)
Approx 250m of RG58 in approx 10 lengths including
1 x 60m
1 x 40m
3 x 30m
2 x 10m
2 x 15m &
1 x 4.5m
10m of 300 Ohm open ladder line terminated with dipole centre piece and SO239 socket

300m thin orange polypropylene rope in various used lengths
Approx 50m heavy-duty yellow polypropylene rope suitable for guying heavy-duty verticals or masts.

1 x 9m approx 2" diameter steel pole for Cushcraft A3S
1 x 10m approx 1.5" diameter steel pole (e.g., for supporting dipoles & inv Vees)
1 x 10m approx 1" square section steel pole (e.g., for supporting dipoles & inv Vees)
1 x 13m long thick bamboo (heavy) (e.g., for supporting 80 & 160m vertical/inverted-L)
20 x 18m wire radials
1 x 8m approx bamboo for supporting e.g., 10m monobander with metal guy ring
1 x 8m fishing rod (top 2 sections broken) for GP etc
2 x 4 way mains distribution boards (UK 230V square pin plugs are standard in Malawi)
2 x 4 way mains distribution boards (Eu 220V round pin sockets)
Approx 12 iron guy stakes varying from 0.5m to 1.2m long
1 x long wire used for beverage (160m)

Misc: Short aluminium pipe (stub mast)
Tools: Sledgehammer, soldering iron, solder

You will need: Radios, power supplies, coax patch leads, PCs, logger, headsets, CW keyers, filters, amplifier (necessary), coax connectors (PL259s etc), antenna hardware and tools (spanners etc).

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