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Team Members

G4AXX | GU4CHY | G4EDG | G4JVG | M5RIC | QSL Manager - G3LQP

Mark Marsden, G4AXX

Mark was first licensed in Feb 1972 at age 16. Whilst still at school he was so keen to be on the air that after a while his parents persuaded him to suspend operation for the sake of his A-levels. At University in 1975 he was the Chairman of the University College of Wales, Swansea, Amateur Radio Society and operated from the club station of GW3UWS using a 3-ele beam from the top of the 11-storey Applied Science block with a great take-off over the sea.

In 1976 Mark's work took him to South Africa, he operated as ZS6BQP and got hooked on contesting when operating multi-single with ZS6BPL in the 1979 CQWW SSB contest.

In 1981 Mark moved to Cape Town and operated as ZS1QC. Whilst working for Plessey a lot of home-brew amateur projects were built (including a 10W HF multimode transceiver), and a lecture was presented to the Cape Town ARC. Mark married Jacqui in 1983 & completed an MSc at Cape Town University in 1987.

Mark & Jacqui moved from Cape Town to the UK in 1990. In 1993 Mark joined the Cambridge & District Amateur Radio Club and gave a number of lectures there. Various contests were entered notably IOTA in 1993 signing G2XV.

In 1997 Mark founded the Granta Contest Group with Andy G4KNO, the club call M0CAM was allocated and the special contest call M4R. Since then the Granta Contest Group has entered the following contests with these results.

1996 IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day (15th)
1996 Andy & Mark visited M6T during 1996 CQWW SSB (what an inspiration!)
1997 IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day (4th)
1998 CQ WPX SSB low power (1st)
1998 IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day (4th)
1998 CQ WW SSB SO 20m low power (1st) all-time record for G
1999 CQ WPX SSB SO 20m low power (1st)
1999 CQ Mir SSB SO 20m (1st)
1999 IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day (2nd)
1999 CQ WW SSB SO 15m high power (1st)
2000 IARU HF Championship, multi-single (1st Country & Zone)
2000 IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day (3rd)
2000 CQ WW SSB SO 15m low power (new all-time G-record
2001 IOTA 2 x 12 hour SOAB (Mark 2nd, Andy 3rd)
2001 IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day, multi-single (2nd)
2001 IARU HF Championship, multi-single (2nd)
2002 IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day (1st)
2002 Provided tower and operators for GB50 at Windsor Castle
2002 CQ WW SSB SO 15m High Power Assisted (1st)
2003 IARU HF Championship, ran the 15m SSB station of GB5HQ (2nd)
2003 IARU Region 1 SSB Field Day (2nd)
2003 CQ WW SSB SO 40m Low Power (new all-time G-record)

In 2003 Steve Telenius-Lowe G4JVG and Paul Brice-Stevens G0WAT joined the group. After the RSGB HF Convention in 2003 the Granta CG were invited to join forces with the Cambridge University Wireless Society (M4A). Since then we've operated together in the ARRL DX SSB contest and a multi-single entry for the 2004 CQWW SSB contest.

Mark is a member of the RSGB, CDXC, IET, and is a Director of Acticheck providing Communications systems to those in care.

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